Jan 15, 2010

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is kind of like a futuristic rock star. Just like present day MTV singer celebrities didn’t always exist, the newest embodiment of celebrity is the awkward/creative kid turned billionaire CEO – aka Zuckerberg.

It may therefore be related to privacy and security concerns that Zuckerberg has moved into a new rental house decked out with security cameras. Gawker reports that the move came shortly after he gave Oprah a tour and photos were published of his old house.

The new home is a little larger than his last with five bedrooms and 3,800 square feet versus the old’s four bedrooms and 2,350 square feet. It has newly installed security cameras and something like three satellite dishes on the roof – its unclear what these satellite dishes are for, maybe just HBO.

Even with his new diggs Zuckberg still wins the award for most modest technology billionaire. The home is small potatoes compared to the homes of tech elites like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. For Zuckerberg what matters is his home’s proximity to Facebook headquarters, at just a couple blocks away, he’s a pleasant stroll away from his favorite venue.

Below photos of Zuckerberg’s new rental home were published by Gawker:

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