Cliff Peskin

Jan 6, 2011


Flush with a fresh $500 million injection from Goldman Sachs, bursting at the seams Facebook is looking to purchase a larger home.

Adding some complexity to its real estate search though is its size requirement for any new digs; 1 million square feet of office space. That’s bigger than 17 football fields noted Palo Alto Mayor Sid Espinosa.

Lucky for Facebook though, as well as the realtors and banks helping with the deal, they may have already found their spot. According to Techcrunch, the location being pursued is the former Sun Microsystems/Oracle campus in Menlo Park California.

Facebook has acknowledged that they’re looking at one specific site but wouldn’t confirm the location:

“We are exploring options for a long-term location to fit our growing business needs,” said Facebook spokesman Larry Yu. “We are in the due diligence phase on one potential site, but it would be premature to offer any specifics. We hope to have more to share in the near future once things have been finalized.”

Photos of former, current and future Facebook offices…

The First Office – Kirkland House Dorms at Harvard
Current Office – Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park

Probable Future Office – Menlo Park California

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