Matthew Slutsky
January 11, 2011

Extra extra… read all about it! A new daily publication is coming to the iPad called “The Daily“. Will this be the end of the paper newspaper?

Will this finally push me over the edge, to purchase an iPad?

Not much is known yet about The Daily, however here is what we are hearing from a multitude of difference sources such as Kafka, Bercovici, and Halliday:

1. It is being brought to the iPad from Steve Jobs and Robert Murdoch;
2. Jesse Angelo, of the New York Post, will oversee the publications editorial side.
3. Greg Clayman, formerly of Viacom will be the Publisher;
4. Currently there are 150 staffers working on the project. Writers are being brought in from the New Yorker, AOL, The Atlantic, and the New York Times;
5. There will be no online presense for the newspaper (other than a landing page, here). It will only be available on the iPad, making Googling news very tough;
6. The publication will be full of multi-media bells and whistles, such as 3D videos; and,
7. The cost will be about 99 cents per daily.

We are looking forward to January 19th, when The Daily will officially be unveiled.


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