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January 27, 2011

Lists, lists and more lists. Doesn’t it feel like you look through a billion lists a day?

Well, if you want one more before you go home for the day, here’s one more.
MoneySense has posted a list of Canada’s Best Places to Live. And **drum roll please** the winners are:
10. Levis, QC — uhh I must admit, I don’t know anything about this city…but congrats!
9. Winnipeg, MB — The cold, the hot and the buggy. If you’re looking for a delightfully folky city with an aftertaste of urban vibe then maybe it’s the place for you (I heart you Winnipeg).
8. Victoria, BC — The capital of BC and stunningly beautiful– Victoria’s a great alternative for those looking to get out of the Vancouver market.
7. Brandon, MB — The second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon is the home of the Brandon Wheat Kings (a junior ice hockey team) and…uhh…I’m sure a bunch of other awesome stuff too.
6. Repentigny, QC — Want to live in the city that birthed Celine Dion? You’ve found it. Now live there?
5. Moncton, NB — Want to be a fish? What about a big fish in a not so big pond? Live in Moncton, the largest city in New Brunswick.
4. Fredericton, NB — Into the east coast and indie music? Then Fredericton’s your game. The capital of New Brunswick, and its the third largest city, it’s also home to two universities. So why don’t you row, row, row your boat* out to the East Coast and check out this cultural hub of the East Coast.
3. Burlington, ON — Ahh, yes. The forgotten gem of Southern Ontario. Burlington is home of Canada’s LARGEST Ribfest (mmmmm….) and The Sound of Music Festival (Do-a-deer-a-suburban-deer)
2. Kingston, ON — Kingston’s totally beautiful. A bustling downtown and a really great restaurant scene (supported largely by the massive student community) make it a pretty awesome place to settle down.
1. Ottawa, ON — It’s kind of great that our nation’s capital came out as the nicest place to live. And it is indeed a really clean, great place to live. I say clean because when I went for Canada Day, despite the awesome party, the next morning the city looked as though nothing had happened at all. Kudos.
This post made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love Canada.
*Full disclosure– it would be mildly difficult to row to Fredricton

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