December 28, 2010

Chit-chatting and dallywhapping is very easy to do online, but writing blog stories – errr.. eStories – is no easy task.

Now, imagine pumping out two to ten of these… per day! That is just what BuzzBuzzHome does, somewhere between two to ten stories per day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

One day per year we have the joy of taking a look at the past year, and analysing which stories received the most views. This is pretty much our easiest day on the blog, because it is the only thing we are publishing, and it doesn’t take much investigative work!

Without further adieu, the Top 10 Hottest Stories of 2010!

10. Buzz Talk with Mel Pearl [INTERVIEW]
9. Insane Looking House Valued at $1 Billion Dollars
8. Worlds Most Expensive Penthouse Sold… $308 million! Bling.
7. In real estate and land-development, a picture is worth thousands of dollars. True?
6. Coolest. Online. Campaign… Ever!
5. Buzz Talk with Rizwan Dhanji [INTERVIEW]
4. Smallest. House. Ever? 89 square feet!
3. Top Ten Sexiest Buildings in the World According to
2. The 2 bedroom suite, in 480 Square Feet!
1. Why Canada has no Zillow

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