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December 6, 2010

Remember as a kid, being driven completely nuts by the thought of toys under the tree? Not gadgets, movies, music or – ugh – books, but toys, real toys.

Well a few days ago, The St. Thomas [map], a Minto development, hosted an event for Toronto artist and toy designer, Gary Taxali, in honour of his new toy line – a collection that will no doubt bring back memories of Christmases past.

Mr. Taxali, a fixture on Toronto’s art scene, and one of the most sought-after illustrators in the design and advertising world, happens to also be the author of a recent children’s book and is the mastermind of an eight-piece toy collection to be sold at Indigo stores this holiday season.

Milling about the St. Thomas presentation gallery

After a book-signing event at the Bay and Bloor Indigo, Mr. Taxali and some VIPs, including designer Greta Constantine, Jason Morikawa of Holt Renfew, artist and socialite Andrea Bolley, blogger Anita Clarke, and some folks from Azure Magazine’s Design Lines, skipped across the street to a reception the St. Thomas presentation gallery at 2 St. Thomas.

Mr. Taxali (left) explains his genius

Yep, pretty silly.

Guests milled about the well-appointed presentation gallery and nibbled on a Pusateri’s spread as they presumably tried to act nonchalant about Mr. Taxali’s new toys while in the presence of the artist himself. The man of the hour signed pieces of his work and chatted with the lucky crowd.

Like his illustrations, Mr. Taxali’s toys gaze back at the 1930s heyday of cringingly earnest and whimsical advertising. The wooden figures include a wood-pecker that slides up and down a pole, and a man that somersaults down a little set of stairs. We’re talking first-present-ripped-open-on-Christmas-morning-quality stuff!

Some ideas for under the Christmas tree this year!

Joining Mr. Taxali’s toys in the “officially exciting” column is the St. Thomas itself.

The building promises to deliver swanky hotel-style living in a boutique private setting. The pictures we’ve seen so far are impressive.

Hopefully you have an idea for what to get your kids for Christmas now!

To check them out and read our past stuff on the St. Thomas by Minto click here!

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