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December 7, 2010, which chugged to life north of the border this past fall, hopes to make life a little easier for both landlords and you – prospective apartment renter. The site is working to harness the dynamism of social media to jazz up what is essentially an online rental listing.

We checked out the site this morning and found it inviting and generally useful. The site recently brought Greenwin Property Management, a well-known, Toronto-based player, onboard as a corporate sponsor, which has helped to bolster their listings.

Videos, social media sharing and tenant and student forums should allow for greater exchange of information – something valuable to anyone who has made their way through the fraught process of finding a place to rent.

It’ll be fun (for us, at least) to watch how useful a tool becomes as it grows in listings, traffic, and overall vibrancy. It looks like we finally have an easy to use, visually stimulating and interactive listing service for rental properties!

We have especially enjoyed their hyper-active Twitter personality.

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