December 7, 2010

Wondering what has been happening at the condo site of Number One Bloor in Toronto? We have!

According to an interview with Alan Vihant, VP Development at Great Gulf Homes, by the Urban Land Institute, construction is set to start in March 2011.

The Urban Land Institute asks Alan:

“What are some of the projects you are helping Great Gulf push forward?”

Alan responds:

“Some of our major projects include: One Bloor, where we are looking forward to construction starting in March; the recently completed X and X2 condos on Jarvis, that we are hoping to be in the ground shortly; the redevelopment of the Toronto Sun block around King and Sherbourne Streets, and Parkside at the foot of Sherbourne and Queens Quay.”

Interesting! Looking forward to watching this one grow!

Find more information on One Bloor condo here.

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