Matthew Slutsky

December 13, 2010

Looking for a cheap and mobile home? Try living in an egg!

The egg-home was created by 24 year-old Dai Haifei, a Beijing architect, who has been living in the home on a sidewalk for the past two months.

The cost to build the home was under $1,000US, before moving it to its home on the side of the street.

The egg-shaped home, pictured to the left and below, is covered in bamboo and grass seed-filled burlap sacks.

How cool are those hooks sticking out, which act as shelving for his books. Some pictures I saw showed him using the internet, so I am surprised that he doesn’t read on the Kindle to save more space!

Shame. The Beijing Review says that he was ordered to remove his home by city managers who said it didn’t conform to housing standards.

Some key points about The Egg:

– 6-foot-high;
– solar-powered;
– fits a small bed and a tiny dresser; and,
– a water pump system stored under the bed can holdwater for basic washing for about three days.
Uh oh… Doesn’t look like there is a toilet.I tried going to his blog, which was not in English, so tried to translate it… He says something along the lines of:

“I want to have a home of their own, without too much wind; safe from the rain on the line. Ants living in the city do not want to remote corners, do not want to hard-earned wages to the landlord, do not want to spend two to three hours per day used in the crowded bus, but the reality in the face of high prices, all hopes were dashed.

Want to see the construction of The Egg? Check out Flickr.

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