Matthew Slutsky
December 19, 2010

I am totally digging the new marketing campaign by MINI COOPER, where they placed the Countryman into a snow globe.

Not only does it look darn cool, but it goes along with their slogan “Shake Things Up”.

In a time where standing out from the crowd it difficult, how cool of a concept would this be for a condo?

Imagine walking past a sales centre, with a huge scale-model Snow Globe in the front.. of course, with a catchy slogan. That would be way cooler than a jingle!

The closest we have seen from the holiday condo scene is from 77 Charles Street in Toronto by Aspen Ridge Homes, which is also pretty amazing! The Mini Cooper snow globes can be found in Herald Square in NYC and 3rd Street Promenade in LA.

Thanks to for finding this. I don’t know fully what the article says, but you can find it here, and use Google Translate to piece it together.

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