Cliff Peskin

Dec 23, 2010
IBM is predicting holographic mobile phones by 2015. If this prediction pans out it means that in just 5 years our mobiles will be projecting 3-D images of whomever we’re speaking to.
Each year IBM surveys 3,000 of its researchers to find five ideas expected to take root in the next five years. Holographic conversations, projected from mobile phones, topped this year’s list.
Keep in mind that for a company like IBM this isn’t just passive speculation. IBM invested $5.8 billion in research and development last year. If consensus among its researchers is that holographic conversations are going mainstream by 2015 we can bet IBM will try leading the charge to make it happen.
The company is one of very few big corporations investing in long-range research projects, says Paul Saffo, managing director of foresight at the investment-advisory firm Discer in San Francisco.
So, if we’re talking to holograms of our friends by 2015 how will we be researching real estate?
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