December 6, 2010

Have you ever had to evict someone from their home? It can not be easy. It can not be pleasant.

Take for example this case from Miami, where a father evicting his son turned into a bloody mess.

Joseph Richer’s father told him that he was going to be evicted from his Ocean Drive condo after not paying rent since 2003. Yes. 2003!

The police and property management company came to evict him, but Richer fired his .357 handgun which killed one and wounding two others. Richer was injured by return fire.

Lessons learned… If you have to evict someone, bring an “eviction team”.

According to the Miami Herald:

On Monday morning, an eviction team including Miami-Dade police, movers, a locksmith and a laborer, knocked on the door of Unit 211 to take possession of the apartment.

Richer opened fire, fatally wounding laborer Carlos Alberto Gomez, 61, of Miami.

A police officer returned fire, wounding Richer, who remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

“Because he’s been hospitalized we haven’t been able to interview him,” said Detective Javier Baez, a Miami-Dade police spokesman.”

Photo Credit: Miami Herald

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