December 29, 2010

What does 2011 have in store for the Vancouver real-estate market?

Is it the new years resolutions, the on-and-off commitments to the gym, or rapid developments in every industry?

For the real estate developments in Vancouver, it is going to be the realization that times are a changin’. We are going to see 2011 bring a lot of new product onto the new-development scene, as well 2011 will be the year of the enlightened purchaser!

The new year is full of opportunities that every developer wants to seize. David Allison of Braun/Allison states, “I don’t know a single developer in Vancouver who is not going to have product in the Spring”.

Vancouver should be ready for a killer year in the pre-construction market! Why? Looks like the dip in 2008 and 2009 caused a slew of pent-up demand for new homes, of which the dip hesitantly rebounded in 2010. But now, 2011 is ready to push full steam ahead thanks to more confidence from Vancouver builders and the BC market.

For the first half of the year, the Canuck population can look forward to real estate developments that are more “fruitful to consumers.” With a plethora of new projects being marketed, the customer will again become the captain of the real estate ship, calling all of the shots and receiving all the amenities a captain should have.

Instead of new developments built around the condominium, the condominium is going to be built around the residents and their lifestyles.

David Allison says that with the slew of new products entering the market, consumers should be encouraged to take the Captains Chair by asking questions – lots of questions!

Ask about specific building details. Ask about surrounding neighbourhoods. Ask about the history and reputation of the developer. Ask about building amenities. Ask about everything!!! Do not be afraid to ask. You, the purchaser, is the driver and you have all the time in the world to make informed decisions.

Allison encourages consumers to, “Ask a tonne of questions, and make sure you are going to end up in a home you are going to be happy with”.

This idea also runs along side the Braun/Allison’s free e-book ‘Sell the Truth’, which explains how builders can no longer just put up fancy pictures and fun jingles, but must actually work on selling the story behind the project.

It looks like 2011 will be the year of environmentally-conscious buildings that provide a “heightened sense of community responsibility”, without all of the hub-bub and green-washing.

Vancouver is going to get a taste of the good life as businesses are raising the bar to stay competitive as companies are going to be producing products that are better quality, more responsible and more amazing than ever!

IntraCorp, is definitely a company to watch, especially with their ‘Show and Tell’ book, which is a guide for consumers, developers and architects help buy new condos and make more informed decisions. Another thing that is great is if you, the reader, signs up to their site, they will send you the book for free! The book will also outline lots of specific and general information great for the BC area.

Some other companies to look out for in the new year are Park Lane and UniverCity.

Allison excitedly says, “I am very encouraged by what I am seeing not only by our clients, but all developers in Vancouver”. The power is held by the consumers, and the developers have dislodged the brakes, and are going 88mph ‘Back to the Future’ of development, and are saying 2011 is definitely going to be the year to look out for.

Not only is the Vancouver downtown getting an extreme makeover. Stay tuned for the lower-mainland and the suburban areas too. Consumers will receive the royal downtown treatment and lifestyle, but without the metropolitan price tag. This will surely have all the hipsters V5 and V6 area codes blogging and tweeting about it.
It’s time for consumers to make “smart and logical” decisions when it comes to condos, don’t you think so?

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