Nov 20, 2010

The producers of “True Blood”, HBO’s most-watched series since “The Sopranos”, have to find a new vampire mansion for one its filming locations.

The 1.52-acre Malibu estate, in which Evan Rachel Wood’s character the “Vampire Queen of Louisiana” lives, has hit the market for $34 million.

The house, called La Villa Contenta, is located on the bluffs of Malibu, California. Its owned by real estate developer Richard E Weintraub, president of Weintraub Financial Services Inc. and his wife, Liane.

According to Yahoo! Real Estate the estate is purchasable as an entire 8-acre parcel for $75 million or the more affordable price of $34.5 for just a 1.52-acre parcel. The home was also on the rental market this summer at $250,000 for a single month’s rent.
“True Blood’s” production designer, Suzuki Ingerslev, said of the house:, “After all the location scouting I have done over the years, in my opinion, nothing even comes close to the amount of detail that went into this pool house. We all just stood there and took the room in the first time we went there, and pictures don’t even begin to do it justice. The Statues, chandeliers, chair rail and ceilings are all made out of a variety of various sizes of seashells and corals. It is astounding, and we could never accomplish this on our budget, and time frame. It is truly breathtaking and exquisite.”

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