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November 3, 2o1o

Yes, for this post, we are asking whether Sage Real Estate is starting a revolution in the resale home market.

But please don’t expect a hard-line critical analysis, because, quite simply, Sage is the first broker in the GTA to offer personalized online home marketing. Just the facts!

Note, there are many many fantastic agents who “get it”, such as Mark Savel and Amit and Roy (to name a few), but until now we had not seen any Canadian Brokerages who got it…

It’s slightly amusing to think that people used to use newspaper advertisements as their primary source of info on homes for sale. Now, over 90% of people that are looking for a new home start their search online.

And what are some of the most highly trafficked sites?? YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln—all of which become the primary targets for Sage’s marketing techniques, which also include a customized website with its own URL to target search engines, using up to 30 professionally taken photos and complete property description.

Ok so you may be slightly more critical than I, and comment, ‘ya but, social media aside, isn’t it still all about the service and know-how of a real estate company that really matters?’

Hang on, let me ask Evan Sage, Vice-President:

“As consumers habits change, there are lots of new skills for Realtors to develop, but it doesn’t mean that we need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Search Engine Optimization and Twitter are great, but buying and selling a person’s home is often the largest investment that individuals make, relying on the experience, analysis, coaching and personal attention of a good Realtor. Sage Real Estate will continue to lead the Toronto market as consumers demand change, but it will be carried out by our great Realtors who know how to ensure their clients are getting the best value.”

There you have it, way more exposure and information combined with great Realtors = real estate revolution.
This will be an interesting brokerage to watch!

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