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The last day of Movember, 2011

So real estate is a pretty big deal. I mean, it accounts for quite a bit of our economy. In the US, according to CBC News, it accounts for 20 per cent of the economic activity. That’s a pretty big proportion.

And we have programs that prepare students for trading stocks and bonds that grant degrees– so why not have one for real estate? That’s what Halifax developer Richard Homburg asked.

According to CBC News:

“…Homburg has proposed setting up an independent university [in PEI], which would teach subjects such as property appraisal, finance, banking, planning and construction.”

Sounds great, right? Well, not everyone thinks so. The post-secondary community is rejecting the idea. The President of UPEI claims that it will undermine the reputation of his school and the province’s educational reputation as well.

But Homburg’s going ahead, degree-granting institution or not. It will award certificates to its graduates, but he hopes that eventually they’ll be able to grant degrees as well.

It would be a great flagship program for Canada. So suck it up, UPEI.

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