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November 4th, 2010

We paid a visit to The Mercer‘s [map] sales centre a couple of weeks back and had a good look around both the building itself, and the surrounding area.

Tucked away in between King and Wellington Streets, Mercer Street is a top notch location nestled in amongst some prime attractions that Toronto has to offer.

We talked to Brian Brisbin, Partner of BBB Architects, the firm behind the design of The Mercer and asked about where the vision for the building came from and how it will make it’s mark on the area.

“The main thing about The Mercer is that the nature of the building and the brickwork is re-used from some of the warehouse style buildings on the street – there’s something artful about the lifestyle that you will find on Mercer St. as you will do in Soho – a kind of kindred spirit”.

Looking South from John and Mercer

On what the building itself will be about, Mr. Brisbin says

“The thing that we are trying to establish with the building – if you look at the skyline of Toronto, in particular the condo buildings that are all around the area, up and down King St. and down to the Sky Dome – they are all essentially fairly anonymous glass towers in that there’s no particular delineation – the skin is in the continuous form of a glass tower”.

“We are trying to tell a story – the building is trying to evoke a dialogue -a story of the street – there’s granite and layers of brick-stone which is somewhat fractured because we’re trying to tell from the skyline what it’s about”.

“It vertically brings you down to Mercer St. at a horizontal level utilising some of the similar use of materials and forms of fragmentation so you know and get a sense from the skyline what the character of the street is about because the building is telling you that from a distance”.

The Mercer promises to bring something new to the skyline of the Entertainment District

On the area…..
“It’s a very exciting street. It’s uniquely different from any of the streets around it.

If you go to King St and down to Front St. you’re in for essentially large block buildings. It’s an unusual pocket of the neighbourhood that has a calm quietness about it and I think it’s going to be a unique residential address for everyone”.

Intriguing stuff!

For all the latest updates on The Mercer be sure to check-in to the blog regularly.

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