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November 11th, 2010

The Mercer [map] has been on our radar for a while now and has caught both our eye and ear with its infectious marketing campaign.

Anyone who has heard “the song” has DEFINITELY found themselves humming it, and would be lying if they said otherwise!

We popped around to the newly opened sales centre a few weeks back and aside from the marketing stuff, we were intrigued by a few of the interior design features that were there.

So, we got on the Buzz-Phone (similar to the Bat-Phone except when it rings we don’t slide down a pole into our cave) and talked to Allen Chan of The Design Agency who headed up the project and asked him to tell us a little bit about what’s going on with the interior design at The Mercer.

“The overall design aesthetic really plays off the whole idea of what The Mercer is. It’s a development which is unique in it’s offering – there are a ton of condos downtown but it situates itself within a prime real estate market.

It’s in the club distirct, the entertainment district, the sporting event district and the business district, so the whole idea with the design is to capture the energy of the city and embody the spirit and energy of the John St. corridor.

You’re seeing things in the overall design that are art driven, culturally driven. There are a lot of products and pieces in there that are inspired by that sort of mentality and one prime example of that is the couch.”

We have to admit that this is one of the coolest couches we’ve ever seen! It’s impossible to ignore.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid, the piece, which is one of only a few pieces in North America and had to be air-freighted in from Italy, will be a part of the finished lobby of the actual building.

“It’s a very sculptural piece, something you would find more in an art gallery rather than a condo development. It’s intriguing because it’s something you have to investigate, examine and notice.

It’s got a really interesting shape to it – this sort of fluidity that I think comes with the natural flow of life downtown so it picks up on that vibe – the energy and vibrant movement that we think is vital to living downtown. It’s very unique.

It makes you ponder and that’s sort of the thing we like about downtown living and the sort of situation with The Mercer and where it’s located”.

The sofa is just one of the features of the sales centre that’s going to be incorporated into the final design of the building. The lobby as it is now is a mock-up of that of the actual building and if what we’ve seen so far is a taster of the final look then The Mercer is in good shape!

The Mercer is having its grand opening for registrants this weekend so better get in while the going’s good – viewing is by appointment only, Saturday and Sunday – call 416-597-6940 or sign up!

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