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November 19th, 2010

Construction on the Four Seasons [map] is well underway, and the Buzz Team skipped around the corner to see how it was progressing.

Menkes Development and Lifetime Developments sure has its work cut out!

The Four Seasons will be a massive hotel / condominium development consisting of two towers: one 55 storey hotel/condo high rise and one 30 storey residential condo.

The West Residence will be a 55-storey building with a 253-room Four Seasons Hotel (on the first twenty floors) with 101 private residences ascending above it. The 30 storey East Residence will be the little sister tower, consisting of 103 private residences.

West Residences view from below.

The hotel portion of the West tower is being topped off, set for completion in June 2011.

Inside the West residence

There are 250 people currently working the site. The design and scale of the building relies heavily on the use of concrete, and when it is complete, it will have used approximately 420 million lbs. of it.

According to their Construction Guy Dominic Defilipps, he has never poured walls as thick as those at the Four Seasons–1.1 metre thick. Wow.

Here is a shot of a “perimeter protection system,” a fairly unique mechanism in the land of Canadian skyscraper construction. Hailing from the Spanish construction group Ulama, the mechanism also functions as a storage area for construction materials, blocks a moderate amount of wind and also has its own advertising capability! Can you say multi-functional?!

Internal shot of the perimeter protection system.

The East Residence, the shorter of the two towers, as seen from the West Residences, both of which will eventually be connected by a skybridge.

Spider Crane

We also got the chance to meet what is possibly the world’s cutest crane, the spider crane; it can actually fit through doorways, even though it looks big in this pic it is tiny!

Thanks for the tour Four Seasons!

There are still suites available at the Four Seasons by Menkes Development and Lifetime Developments. There will definitely been more Buzz on this project as it progresses.

P.S. If we keep up these site visits into the winter, BuzzBuzzHome is sure to become Brrrr-Brrr Home, what with the freezing and the wind, 50 storeys above the city! Good work, Menke’s construction dudes.

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