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November 4, 2010

The HST, and confusion surrounding the HST, has been partially blamed for the housing slowdown in Canada. But now, one of the main proponents of the pesky tax, B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, has stepped down– and it’s sort of surprising.

According to the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Campbell, Canada’s longest serving premier, with a decade in office, was riding high in the reflected glow of the Olympic Games just eight months ago. But he has suffered a breathtaking collapse in support since, as a popular uprising over the HST sent his ratings to single digits, and put his party far behind the opposition New Democrats.

But, COME ON, Mr. Campbell. Did you really think that the introduction of a new tax on essentially everything would be a good idea– especially amidst these dubious economic times?

And he realized that it was a bad idea a tad late. Last week, in a desperate final attempt to gain support, he made a televised address to the people of British Columbia promising income tax cuts. But it was no use, he had already lost the support of the party.

What’s really interesting is that it’s only about a year and a half into his four year term– so BC residents will have an unelected premier for quite a while.

The question on everyone’s mind…will the HST simply be erased? And if BC does rid itself of the pesky new troublemaker tax, then will Ontario follow suit?

Could be good news for people looking for new homes. But it could just be a shuffle of power too.

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