Cliff Peskin


Nov 13, 2010

The Canada Real Estate Association (CREA) put out a press release on Friday informing the world of its “latest home buying and selling innovation,” a new mobile app for Windows 7. Excuse me?

The Windows Phone operating system arrived in Canada just last week so almost nobody has it, few people even know what it is. Over ninety five percent of smartphones in Canada are Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian devices and yet CREA has gone to town promoting its Windows 7 mobile app – strange.

If, however, we dig a little deeper we can piece together some potential logic behind CREA’s move. According to their release, the app was developed in partnership with Microsoft. Considering Microsoft is spending $500 million on marketing its new mobile OS, its conceivable they gave CREA some incentive for prioritizing a Windows App, maybe they developed it for them?

Additionally, CREA does note that an app will be available for other handheld devices in the coming weeks. The release states, “Plans are currently underway for iPhone and BlackBerry versions.” We all know however that in CREA language that means additional apps may or may not be released some time in the next 5 years….can I get an Amen!

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