Cliff Peskin

Oct 8 2010

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “Designing products around people will be universal…will not just be Facebook” He believes we are in the beginning phase of an Internet in which the “default is social” – all web apps will be centered around people as opposed to things.

He thinks no industry will be untouched by the social affect – be it the car industry, the fashion industry, or the real estate industry.

He backs up his point by explaining that when speaking with a person face-to-face we use our knowledge about this person to assign value to what they’re saying. For instance, if your best friend suggests you live in a particular condo you would assign greater weight to that recommendation than a random individual on the street giving you the same advice.

With regard to real estate, this raises some interesting questions; how large a role will the ‘social’ play in real estate? Is ‘social’ more important than facts, photos and data? And, what exactly will a merger of ‘social’ and real estate look like?

These are questions we ask ourselves at BuzzBuzzHome daily and are frequently experimenting with.

Let us know your thoughts and/or questions on this topic – we’d love to hear what you have to say. We like you – do you like us?

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