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October 29, 2010

Live video feeds of construction sites are the new wave of condominium updates and Portrait Condos [map]are leading the way.

Potential purchasers, especially first time buyers, are often wary of estimated move-in dates, recalling projects of time-past where construction has been stalled, sometimes for years.

Many an anxious purchaser would drive down to the site of their future home in great anticipation of construction developments.

From the perspective of the developer, ensuring the peace of mind of their purchasers is one of their primary concerns.

Developer Norstar recognizes how important construction updates are, and with the launch of Portrait’s new website, have incorporated a live feed with updates by the minute.

Norstar does a ton of commercial and industrial building in America and on each site there is an interactive camera that the boss can zoom in on, pan out, and basically check on progress from the comfort of their own office chair – and that’s where the idea for Portrait came from

Sean Selzik from Portrait realizes, condo buyers want to know what’s going on, all the time. And why shouldn’t they?

“People want to watch their condo grow,” he says, “Buying a condo is a very personal thing and people can be very attached to it, so being able to check in on their baby, on a frequent basis, is a really great comfort for them”

Portrait Condominium live construction shot from 10:15 am! [yuck, such a grey day!]

Portrait Condos are really giving other developers a run for their money, and soon enough, the rest of them must catch up. We like it!

Check out Portrait’s new website for yourself!

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