October 18th, 2010.

Recalls seem to be pretty common these days. Just the other day I was in McDonald’s and saw a notice for a recall of some Happy Meal toys. Maybe they had too much lead in them?!

We’re used to hearing about cars being recalled but have you ever heard of a home recall?

Not likely, but similar to a car, a new home is made from hundreds of components.

So when you need to repair something under warranty, who ya gonna call?

Info management firm Conasys Consumer Assurance Systems based out of Vancouver, B.C. conducted a survey that found an average of 68 companies are involved in building a new home. 68. Sixty. Eight.

Most new home owners receive less than 10% of the documentation and information required to do their own warranty “recall”, making warranties difficult to enforce.

Yet, every new home buyer has paid for these warranties that typically have a longer duration than the blanket third-party “new home warranty” that comes with most homes.

But here’s the good news:

Builders are beginning to give their purchasers more warranty info. Consumers have the right to expect “minimum disclosure” for the major components and suppliers involved in their home, including lighting, flooring, windows, roofing, and landscaping

Conasys is leading the way in the marketplace by developing web-based tools to assist companies and consumers with warranty and after-sales service. Something that can prove to be incredibly handy and very necessary when needed.

The company is looking to raise the bar for customer disclosure and want to ensure every homeowner receives the information they require so that when it is time for a warranty “recall”, they will know they are protected.

Sounds pretty good to us. The more information the customer has the better. Hey, that’s the whole reason why BuzzBuzzHome is here!

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