October 21st, 2010

Canderel Stoneridge are no slouches when it comes to equipping their developments with great ‘green’ amenities.

For instance, when constructing their DNA2 project they built a new public park (Massey Harris Park) on King West.

Now with the final phase of the DNA project on the way, Canderel Stoneridge are pulling out all the stops.

At the DNA3 [map] sales centre, they’ve constructed a nifty (and huge) 3D model of the building and its premises. It’s perfect for examining all the amenities that DNA3 will offer:

The 14 story twin towers will have 600 units.

A view of the model rooftop terrace. Always good to see green space integrated into the building’s design.

A view from the side shows that there will be multiple rooftop green spaces.

DNA3 will also feature a green strip on its west side that will be landscaped all the way to the beautiful and spacious Trinity Bellwoods Park – a great addition to the downtown core.

The total space allocated for amenities is a staggering 6,000 sq. ft. The indoor amenities space has been designed by the award winning Cecconi Simone firm.

A yoga/aerobics studio, a fitness centre, a theatre room and more, in terms of amenities DNA3 is well-outfitted.

When you combine that with the excellent use of green space, not just within the building but in the surrounding neighbourhood, it adds up to one impressive package.

DNA3 is accepting registrants – visit their website to register.

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