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October 4, 2010

The saying “They don’t build ’em like they used to” is lost on Jon Pobst of Wenatchee, Wisconsin. He’s set out to build a house with a life expectancy of 500 years. WOW!

He comes from a family dedicated to construction; both his father and his grandfather were loggers and road construction workers in the area.

According to

The house follows what’s known as a timber-frame design, using huge wood timbers to support the roof and walls. Pobst is using intricate wood joinery to put the frame together, an old-world process more common in boat building or cabinetry than house building today….All the wood for the two-story, three-bedroom house, except exterior plywood, was milled last year from 28 Douglas fir trees cute from the 27-acre property three years ago.

Cool! In a world where only the price of the wood matters to determine where to purchase from, Pobst is really taking a traditional “homestead” approach, mixed with a bit of boat-building influence.

Pobst is a seasoned boat-builder, and the techniques used in building the home show it. And it sounds tedious. According to

Every piece of wood had to be scribed and cut individually to fit together with the next piece.

Sounds like a lot of work to me! I wonder if he could have built 10 homes that would last fifty years in the same amount of time? I guess that’s really not the point.

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