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October 25th, 2010

BuzzBuzzHome have been to A LOT of sales centres in our time and are always happy when the centre reflects the personality of the project.

When we walked into the Bisha Hotel and Residences [map] sales centre last week and were bathed in a dark glow resonating from the slick black and gold trimmed walls we knew we were in for a treat!

BISHA is positioning itself as the most luxurious place to live in Toronto and from what we saw last week it’s hard to argue against.

The brain child of Lifetime Developments Principal Mel Pearl and CEO of INK Entertainment Charles Khabouth, Bisha was conceived through the shared belief that Toronto was missing something that a city of it’s size and standing deserved – a luxury property that has a bit of a kick, an edge, and a lifestyle to it.

“We’ve seen a lot of high end properties go up that are very stuffy”, says Charles Khabouth.

“The whole idea is to do something different in the city. We already have hip, cool brands in the city, but the luxury is missing so the most important thing for me is to marry the two together and that’s where I’d like to see the project go – a happy marriage between luxury, hip, and consistency in the product and hopefully it will be the first of many to launch”.
Speaking to the brand aspect of Bisha, Lifetime Principal Mel Peral said
“A brand elevates the value of a condo. The buyer has a sense of confidence and value”.

“Five years ago I started thinking about how I could build a brand and who with. I spoke with a lot of people and one name that came up all the time was Charles’. Alessandro [Munge, Managing Partner of Munge Leung Interior Design Firm] introduced us and the rest is history. We became partners, bought this property and created this brand”.

The team behind Bisha. From Left: Mel Pearl, Charles Khabouth, Alessandro Munge, Rudy Wallman

The Bisha video is certainly an attention grabber

Even the logo is classy

Bloggers of the world unite!

Rudy Wallman of Wallman Architects talked about the architectural challenges that he faced when devising the building including the preservation of the historical facade on the ground floor and the fact that he had to consider the two different programs (hotel and condo residences) the project had.
“The historical facade is one of those things that gives the project its character and significance at grade. When you come up to the building it will very much be part of the image of the tower before you get into the interior and that has all kinds of challenges associated with it – we tried to expand it’s influence by extending it with wings on either side, so we think that’s going to be a very important part of the experience at grade as you come into the building”.

“With the residential units being very different to the typically small hotel rooms, with items such as exterior balconies which have to be incorporated, the idea here was to design vertical fins which create a unified image to the building which we think give it a timeless elegance”.

Brand building is the name of the game and the branding was noticeable everywhere.

Scale Model of the finished product

Marble is used heavily including in the example of the lobby

The model suite includes some decadent interior design

One man who knows a thing or two about the condo business in the city is Bisha’s interior designer Alessandro Munge.
“I’ve been working consistently with Charles for 15 years now and we travel quite a bit together and we’ve always had this worldly desire to bring something into this city”.

“When your client becomes your friend you get a little more personal and discover what he really wants which is ultimately this luxury hotel residence which has been a dream of his”.

“It’s hard to sometimes conceptualise it with renderings, but it’s a special project. We do hotel work around the world – Vegas, Abu Dhabi, and soon to be NY as well and so we take all this worldly experience and bring it into this city. This is a growing city that has so much potential and for all the travel that I’ve done, let me tell you – it’s like a little flower ready to burst”.

Marble counter-tops and sleek kitchen design

Hip, cool, trendy, luxurious.

Interior design cut no corners and imported pieces from as far off as Paris

We are expecting some BIG things from Bisha and from what we’ve seen so far, we won’t be disappointed.

For the latest updates on all things Bisha be sure to check our blog regularly.

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