Kiyoko Fujimura
Buzzbuzzhome Corp.
October 20, 2010

Here at BuzzBuzzHome, we love interesting new architecture projects. So this unique design definitely caught our eye.

This vacation rental home has four double bedrooms. And it’s weighted heavily in the centre, with lighter materials on its extremities. The end result? A badass vacation rental that balances in mid-air. Cool.

Living Architecture, an organisation dedicated to bringing the British public into close contact with ambitious modern architectural projects, commissioned MVRDV in 2008 to design a contemporary structure in a quintessentially English countryside setting.

And now, that dream has been realized. If you’re interested in renting it out, the home can house up to 8 people. Maybe you could dismantle the home with all 8 people running back and forth to the end of the home. But, it’d probably be best not to try.

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