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October 6, 2010

Interesting piece of art (left), ain’t it?

Exploration of horizontal and vertical lines. Minimalist use of space. Depth of texture.

But, take a closer look.

These are actually shots of land developments or “human landscapes” taken by Google Earth in Southwest Florida, compiled for

You can see (above) that there are about four houses that seem to be in a state of relative completion in this seemingly abandoned development in Port West Charlotte.

Rudimentary crop circles? Nope! An overgrown development in Lehigh Acres. Surely no one actually lives here?

Outside of Fort Meyers, there are only two houses, despite completed roads and what seems to be a man-made pond.

This shot from near Charlotte harbor looks more like internal clockwork than a housing community. There are houses complete on the cul de sacs but far fewer than what the developers probably intended. . .

Is there even a name for overgrown, failed housing developments? Crash developments? Foundered development? Suggestions?

These pictures caused quite a stir after they were posted, lots of comments about poorly planned projects and irresponsible developers. I wonder if Canada could produce equally ghastly (yet eerily beautiful) photos?? I don’t think so.

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