September 19, 2010

Last month we reported on the world’s most expensive penthouse, which sold for $220 million bucks.

Today, we are letting you know that the $220 million record has been shattered with the sale of a $308 million palatial penthouse in Monaco.

Located in the condo La Belle Epoque, this suite was formerly the home of billionaire banker Edmund Safra (where a fire was lit, and he died).

What do you get for $308,000,000?

– Three bedrooms laid out over 17,500-sq-.ft.
– There is a double-height library.
– An insane rooftop terraces. Of course, the rooftop terrace has an infinity pool.
– a panic room with reinforced glass and surveillance cameras.
– cinema screens which emerge from walls at the touch of a button,
– a leisure room with billiard tables and arcade video games, a Jacuzzi and spa, and a media room.

The penthouse was sold by British property developers Christian and Nick Candy. Oh, to be the Candy Brothers! They bought the place on the cheap following the fire from Lily Safra, and hired designer Martin Kemp to do the $40 million renovations.

Did we mention that the suite has a dining room with a platinum leaf ceiling? Bling!

According to the Economic Times an Arab sheikh may have bought this place.

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