Cliff Peskin

Sept 10 2010

Real estate and BlackBerries go hand-in-hand. As such, I imagine that BlackBerry Messenger and real-estate agents go hand-in-hand. That is all changing, so get ready!

Today I updated my BlackBerry Messenger status to announce my departure from the service. I wrote, “bbm played switching to gtalk”.

For anyone unfamiliar with BlackBerry Messenger or Google Talk, here’s the quick lowdown:

BlackBerry Messenger aka “BBM” is the proprietary messaging service used by Blackberry owners to communicate with each other. Messages sent via BBM are sent over the BlackBerry PIN system and so you pretty much need a BlackBerry to use the service. It is one of the primary reasons Blackberry owners refuse to leave BlackBerry for alternative devices such as Android or the iPhone – they don’t want to miss out on Blackberry Messenger.

Google Talk aka “GTalk” is the instant messaging application by Google that can be used on mobile phones like BlackBerries as well as on PC and Mac computers. It has almost all the same features as BlackBerry Messenger plus quite a few more.

GTalk is better than Blackberry Messenger. This is why it will replace BBM and this this is why I’m leaving BBM for GTalk.

The following is my justification – divided into three points:

1. GTalk allows you to chat on either your mobile or computer – BBM does not.

If you’re working on your computer it is not ideal to be chatting on your mobile at the same time. It’s more efficient to move your chat from mobile to computer. With GTalk you can chat with a friend from your computer while they’re on a mobile, from your mobile while they’re on a computer, and so on and so on.

2. GTalk is based in the cloud – BBM is not.

With GTalk your friend list is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device is any location. If you’re in an internet cafe in Peru and just lost your phone you can still access your GTalk friend list and have a chat. BBM on the other hand is locked to your mobile and so if you aren’t online with your mobile you’re not chatting.

3. GTalk is open to everyone – BBM is not.

GTalk works on Windows, Mac, BlackBerries, iPhones, Androids, Palms and more. BBM works on BlackBerries and that is it. If you use BlackBerry Messenger and one of your friends has a Motorola Droid, guess what? You and him/her are not chatting, unless of course you get on GTalk.

I could definitely keep going and list more reasons why GTalk will take down BBM – such as that BlackBerry as a whole is beginning to stumble and that the company screwed its fellow Canadians with a delayed Canada launch of the BlackBerry Torch but I don’t think it’s necessary.

GTalk is miles ahead of BBM and it’s soon to be the de-facto mobile messaging system. BBM is played.

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