Matthew Slutsky
September 13, 2010

At BuzzBuzzHome, we love everything Google. In fact, the BuzzBuzzHome mapping system uses Google, we also utilize Google’s Street View to allow people to walk around neighbourhoods, and we use Google’s Blogger to publish our beloved blog.

As such, I found the following works of art by Spanish artist Alejo Malia to be extremely interesting and unique.

Malia, through his art, depicted a three dimensional world, where Google’s pinpoints actually exist in the real world.

What to know a bit about Times Square in New York? Look no further than below!

Looking fro Central Park? Not hard to find in the below scene.

Think you want a condo near the subway? That should be easy to spot below!

Oh yea, who doesn’t “like” pancakes? He has also ventured into the world of Facebook.

Really awesome! Where can I buy the set and can I get some with the BuzzBuzzHome icons?

Find Malia on such social media outlets as Twitter, Facebook, and I found his work on Flickr.

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