Sept 11, 2010

If you don’t want to lose your condo than don’t terrorize your neighbors. Toronto condo owner Natalia Korolekh didn’t get that memo (thanks to the Toronto Star for this article) though.

Korolekh, a 41 year old stockbroker, is said to have been abusing her neighbors for years with violence, racial insults, and a massive Rottweiler dog.

Neighbors allege she is frequently intoxicated and accuse her of “egging” homes, poisoning a neighbor’s plant, striking a male resident in the throat, making frequent racial slurs and screaming obscenities (mostly about her disdain for homosexuals).

She is also said to blast loud music at night and to climb walls and “stare inside of units for extended periods of time.”

Now, the Ontario Superior Court has ordered Korolek to sell her Bay and Bloor condo. She must also pay $35,000 to her condo board and get rid of her dog, a 5-year-old Rottweiler name Chinia.

Court documents say the dog — estimated at about 150 lbs. — was used to “frighten and intimidate,” once lunging at a neighbour while Korolekh urged her to “Get it! Get it!”

Korolek, however, says she’s not leaving. “Trust me, I will fight for myself,” she said from her home on Friday, dressed in a stained white shirt and speaking with a thick Russian accent. “”I feel something is not right here.”

In a four-page affidavit, Korolekh says her condo board is spearheading a “campaign of harassment” ever since she asked for some defective windows to be replaced.

Korolekh said her condo board is trying to save money by using the courts to force her out and avoid paying for the windows.

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