September 29, 2010

One Valhalla, Edilcan‘s sleek, recently opened three-tower condominium project, has just unveiled its Phase 2: Thunderbird [map].

The 35-storey glass-clad Thunderbird will rise above One Valhalla’s first 22-storey tower, and will contain most of the amenities for the entire complex, including an indoor pool, club bar, lounge and theatre.

It’s precisely this sort of personal luxury that Thunderbird will embody, after all, it is named after Ford’s first personal luxury car: the 1955 Thunderbird.

This 1950s inspiration has been used in One Valhalla‘s colourful advertising, and interior designers Munge Leung have incorporated retro-style pieces throughout the suites’ contemporary design.

One Valhalla is located on the former site of one of Canada’s first motor inns, the Valhalla, and designers plan to incorporate some of its original 1960s artifacts into the new residences, such as reusing the stonework!

Take a peak at some of Thunderbird‘s luxurious interior renderings.

The personal theatre will be located in Thunderbird.

Spacious lobby inspired by the inn’s original era.

The lounge.

Watch our blog for updates because we are sure that Thunderbird will be as hot as One Valhalla!

Read our past posts on One Valhalla here and here. And don’t miss our Buzz Talk with Edilcan’s President GP Di Rocco.

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