Sept. 18, 2010

An enthusiastic real estate agent in Notting Hill, London showed prospective buyers a $1.3 million home while the owner lay dead on the couch.

Realtor Samuel Allfort said he thought the 55-year-old woman was resting. As he toured the home with the couple he left the living room for last in the the home that the owner Katherine Frame would wake up.

When she didn’t, Allfort walked the couple outside and then returned to try and wake Ms Frame.

“After finishing the viewing I went outside with the applicants to say goodbye. I then went back into the property because something didn’t seem right,” UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported.

Allfort said that when he saw that she wasn’t moving and was an odd yellow color he called an ambulance.

In a similar story in the United States, a couple touring a home in Janesville, Wisc. found its owner dead in her bed. Justin and Colleen McKeen found the body of 55-year-old Linda O’Leary in the bedroom while their agent was standing in the dining room. The agent knew something was wrong when she heard Mrs. McKeen scream.

Accoring to, its common for agents and prospective purchasers to have strange encounters while touring homes, from teenagers smoking pot to couples being intimate in bedrooms.

Realtors may therefore want to check out homes before touring with their clients – to avoid stumbling on a dead body.

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