Matthew Slutsky
September 12, 2010

On Friday evening I was on my way to a dinner party, when an unusual real-estate sign caught my eye.

No. It was not an advertisement for Brad Lamb.

It was a “sold” lawn sign by Realosophy Realty, but instead of saying the boring ol’ “Sold”, it said “BOUGHT”. I thought it was cute – even though they were working for the seller and not the buyer.

Over dinner someone else mentioned the sign as well, mentioning Realosophy by name and the unique sign.

We are surrounded by advertising, from when I am at the urinal to when I am in the taxi, and little ideas like this have the ability to make a big difference. Traditional advertising is overplayed and overdone, you must pay attention to new ideas and initiatives.

It appears that unique, cool and outside-the-box marketing initiatives do work! Don’t just do what everyone else does.

For a small Toronto real-estate Brokerage, I am sure that these signs are drawing a lot of hyper-local attention.

Kudos to Realosophy for their unique marketing campaigns!

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