September 30th 2010

You know the old saying, “practice makes perfect” that really used to vex you when you were a kid.

Need proof?

For the folks at Canderel Stoneridge, the phrase definitely rings true for their new development DNA3 [map].

The final phase (preceded of course by DNA1 and 2 back in 2002) promises to boast the most exquisite finishes and creative layouts of not only the 3 phases, but of any condo in the King West area.

Canderel Stoneridge don’t just want to replicate the huge success of their previous DNA projects, they want to go beyond it, offering a completely new downtown living experience.

And judging by just how much suites in the DNA 1 and 2 are selling for these days (almost double what they that sold for in 2001 and 2002), Canderel Stoneridge are only getting better with practice.

Now without further ado, let’s have a look at the model suite:

DNA3’s designers have also become experts at creative yet efficient use of space

Unfortunately the refreshments are only decorative

Some very interesting designs in the bedroom, especially the hanging lamps

A phone in the bathroom?! These guys have thought of everything

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a lamp like that before. Only in King West…

Kitchens feature built-in stoves with a hood fan, an integrated fridge and a backpainted glass back splash

A view from the entrance to the suite

The clean-cut design is a stand-out feature of the kitchen

If practice makes perfect then DNA3 should be something special.

We were at DNA 3’s pre-launch party last week which was a whole lot of fun! Check the photos out here. To be kept in the loop on all things DNA register on their website.

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