September 18 2010

Canderel Stoneridge‘s DNA3 [map] development has created a unique atmosphere for interested condo-buyers at their one-of-a-kind sales centre.

You’ll notice the moment you walk in that the developer is trying something a little different. The inventive minds at Canderel Stoneridge have designed the sales centre to mimic the experience of actually living at the completed DNA3.

Walking through the front entrance of the sales centre is exactly like walking into the lobby of the condo. When walking into the model suite, you’ll think you’re walking into a finished condo suite in the 14 story complex.

A concept that’s this cool deserves to be photographed and that’s exactly what we did:

The faux-entrance in the sales centre, Canderel Stoneridge have set up green space to make it ultra-realistic.

The entrance is also lined with awesome artwork and images of the storefronts that will surround the condo.

More of the immaculate art for your viewing pleasure – Canderel sourced an illustrator from Paris to create the sketches.

On our way to view the model suite through the ‘Elevator’

Floor plans for all the suites are displayed in the main hall.

The lounge area, designed to mimic the patio area in the finished building, is something to marvel at. Great job fellas!

Cutting edge display technology is ubiquitous at the sales centre.

This is definitely one of the more creative sales centres we’ve ever set foot in. Kudos to Canderel Stoneridge and their DNA3 team for making all interested condo-buyer feel at home already.

You need to check this sales centre out!

DNA3 is accepting registrants – register today at their website.

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