Matthew Slutsky
September 27, 2010

Anyone who reads BuzzBuzzHome’s Blog! knows that I am a real sucker for cool online marketing campaigns, especially if the real-estate industry can learn a thing or two from it.

I just stumbled upon this awesome campaign from Tipp-Ex.. you know, that device that allows you to erase your pen?

The idea: On YouTube a dude is hunting in the wild, and tries to shoot a bear (note, the title of the video is called “A hunter shoots a bear”). But, the hunter breaks out of the screen, and uses a Tipp-Ex to erase the word “shoots” in the name of the video.

At this point, I was amazed.

But, then the magic happens, and you are asked to fill in your own title for the video and the video will actually play!

Yes. I tried shave, dance, and eat. They all worked. Then, I tried “moonwalk”, and yup, it worked. Try it out here.

So, before this campaign I never knew the brand-name Tipp-Ex and now it is stuck in my head. The pages profile has also had 19,000,000+ views, so I am not alone.

Real-estate marketers…. getting any ideas?


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