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September 22nd, 2010
This week in Buzz Talk we talk with President and CEO of Edenshaw Homes Ltd. , David McComb.
If you’re a regular on our blog you’ll know that we have run a couple of articles on Edenshaw’s CHAZ on Charles [map] project in recent times (which you can read here, here and here), and that it took the number 1 spot in our August edition of Top 10 Hottest Developments in Toronto.
So without further ado, let’s get started…
How do you start your day? Any routines?
I’m a Virgo which means routine and order is paramount. It may sound boring but my day actually starts the day prior by planning the next days activities.
How did you get your start in the industry?
Literally from the ground up. I started out after high school as a construction laborer and soon moved into being a carpenter. After achieving my Master Carpenters certification, by working on every type of project from single family homes to schools and even hi-rise towers, I decided that the development industry was for me and returned to university as a mature student to study engineering.
What did you do before Edenshaw Homes?
Since achieving my degree 25 years ago, I have been with 3 of Canada’s leading residential developers, two of which companies I have had the pleasure of starting the operations from scratch. The last company of 10 years was Concord Adex, the developers of Toronto’s largest urban master planned community, Concord CityPlace and Concord ParkPlace where I oversaw their Toronto operations.
What advise would you give to anyone who wants to get involved in land development in Toronto?
Development is a very diverse business and requires the expertise of several different skill sets. Build a good base of experience and do your best to understand all facets of the industry. Most importantly know your market and understand the Buyers Experience… after all the “Customer is King”.
What’s your favorite thing about Toronto?
Hands down it is the diversity of the city and its residents drive to make things better for themselves and their communities.
What part of the city do you call home?
Access to water is an important feature of where our family was to call home and we were fortunate to discover the community of Port Credit where we have resided for the past 10 years.
What do you do to relax?
I believe in the 2 and one half rule. For a balanced life we must be good at two and one half things. In my case the two whole items are family and career and the half is what we do for ourselves. Relaxing to me means keeping active. In my spare time I scuba dive with my wife and son, ride off road motorcycles with friends and recently have taken up flying lessons with my 16 year old daughter. We are both ready to solo!
Do you own an iPad?
I’m pleased to say that I was one of the first in Canada to have one when a good friend Jason Fane brought one up for me from NYC. I’m amazed at what the potential this format brings and are currently looking for ways to integrate it into my everyday business applications.
Do you have a facebook/twitter account?
It’s coming…. social networking is the future and I just need the gift of time to get underway with them.
I’ve been involved in the naming of dozens upon dozens of projects and each seem to be as important as the naming of a child.
You have to look closely at it, to see what it is shaping up to be and anticipate what the future holds for it. When we looked at the energy, vibrance and fun this project will be…. the name CHAZ said it all.
What’s next for Edenshaw Homes?
Growth. We believe in quality over quantity so we will demonstrate this in the types of residential developments we involve ourselves in as well as the people who join our team.
Many thanks to David for taking the time to meet with us. More Buzz Talks are on their way!

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