Matthew Slutsky

September 22nd, 2010

If you haven’t registered for Toronto’s new condo, Backstage [map], then you really should – by clicking here!

Did you just register? Notice my picture, and my funny “tag line”? Yup. The marketing geniuses over at Cityzen/Fernbrook/Castlepoint have done it again, and are turning the average-Joe into Virtual Brokers.

The Name Our Condo contest was a resounding success and now they have taken things to the next level with a “Virtual Broker” program. What a cool idea!

The program is pretty much an online broker marketplace – you can sign up as a “virtual broker”, refer your friends, and win prizes. Simple! Anyone can get in the condo-game.

For instance, if you get 10 of your friends to register for Backstage, you get 2 free movie passes. For 25 registrations you get $50 worth of iTunes gift cards, 55 referrals gets you a $500 shopping spree to The Eaton Centre, etc. etc.

The big draw? If someone you refers actually buys a unit at Backstage, then you, as the ‘Virtual Broker‘, get $2,500 straight up! Pretty awesome huh?!

So we HIGHLY recommend that you:
a) register here; and,
b) sign up as a broker here and start winning prizes!

Also, check out this really cool video that explains the program better than we can! (We like his ‘enormous over-pixellated arms the best!’)

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