Matthew Slutsky
September 7, 2010

So, you think you’re a hot shot in the real-estate industry? If so, let me see your watch!

All watches display the time, but can yours notify you when free WiFi is available or tell you when you receive an email? If not, then check out some of these amazing watches…

1. InPulse BlackBerry Smart Watch

I check my Blackberry a lot. A LOT! I imagine that most people are like me, and are constantly checking their Blackberry to see if new messages have arrived. But, this can be embarrassing and socially awkward, especially in the middle of meetings or in the middle of a showing.

Why not just check out your watch? This new inPulse watch does everything for you. With the help of Bluetooth, the watch stays in contact with your pocketed Blackberry and notifies you on the watch when you have incoming emails, texts or phone calls.

As such, a quick glance at your watch is all you will need.

Pre-order it now for $149

2. Stanley Tape Measure Watch

When was the last time you were checking out a new development-site or showing a house, and were at a loss when someone asked you about some measurements?

Tape measurers are big and bulky, but this watch isn’t!

Measure up to 3-feet in length, and never have to worry about carrying around your tape-measurer again.

Order it now, for around $50.

3. USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch

Need information on the go, but don’t have all your files with you? No problem!

A small USB flash drive fits completely inside of this watch, which is perfect… especially if you are a spy.

The flash drive has 8 GB of memory, and the watch has Quartz movement (whatever that means).

4. LG GD910 Watch Phone

I am not sure that this watch needs much more of an explanation. It is a watch and a phone!

The GD910 has a 1.3-inch touchscreen, video as well as voice-calling capabilities. It can be used with a Bluetooth headset or for those of you who like to look like they are in the secret service, you can use the speakerphone.

I have no idea why this is especially good for people in the real-estate industry, but it is darn cool!

5. WiFi Finder Watch

This watch is probably one of the most practical inventions for anyone who needs access to the internet 24/7.

Out for lunch, and forgot to send an email? On vacation, and waiting for a file? Fear not, this watch will tell you the time and tell you if you are near a WiFi signal!

In fact, I was just in New York over the weekend and was constantly checking for a WiFi signal so I could use my Blackberry without any telephone-network fees. If only I had this watch, I would have saved a New-York-Minute.

Pulling out your laptop just to see if there is a signal is both a pain and a waste of energy.

The watch finds WiFi up to a 100-metre radius.

Cost, about $30.
6. The Rolex Submariner

Okay. All of the watches above are pretty awesome, but nothing tells others around you that you’re a wheeler-and-dealer more than a Rolex!

This watch will tell you the time …up to 100 meters under-water… and let people know that you mean business.

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