Kiyoko Fujimura

Buzzbuzzhome Corp.
September 16, 2010

Published in the Globe and Mail earlier today, here are five signs that you should show your agent the door:

1. Lack of Communication:

Having trouble getting in contact with your agent? Not getting any potential purchasers through your home? Or maybe your agent hasn’t found any homes that match your preferences. You probably have a crumby agent.

2. Lack of Leadership:

Does your agent agree with everything you have to say? Agents are supposed to provide advice because they’re experts in their field. Think of them as little consultants, they’re supposed to disagree with you. Otherwise, you could just pay yourself the commission!

3. Unused Resources:

There’s tons of ways for your agent to promote your listing. Be it free listing services like craigslist or newspaper ads, your agent should be using all sorts of tools to get your listing out there.

4. Pressuring You:

Obviously an agent is there to voice an opinion, but too much pressure should set of warning sirens (especially in the purchase decision).

5. Not following up:

Although by this time a warning is rendered useless, since you’ve already paid the agent by now, but a good agent should follow up even after the transaction has closed.

That’s all! Keep these tips in mind when you’re on the hunt for an agent to help you with your hunt. Happy hunting!

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