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Sept. 23, 2010

Canadians are generally unaffected by the international phenomenon of shrinking homes. People, however, residing in shoebox size apartments in places like New York and Hong Kong are all too familiar with the issue.

In order to help alleviate the challenges of small home living, Design Lab 2010 challenged young designers to look at science and technology trends and predict how these could be used for compact living.

The following are five of the best designs as reported by NewScientist:

1. Bio robot refrigerator

This fridge has no door, is super slim, and can even be fitted on the ceiling. A biological gel fills the inside and holds your food in place (Check out video here).

2. Cleaning closet

This closet scans clothing for dirt and uses waterless molecular technology to remove it (Check out video here).

3. Modular kitchen

This kitchen combines cooking, refrigeration, air-conditioning, and lighting in one wall mounted appliance (Check out video here).

4. Dismount washer

The Dismount washer saves space by combining the laundry basket and washing machine in one (Check out video here).

5. Exterior refrigerator

Attached to the exterior of a home this fridge uses daytime solar energy to cool your food and then the cold external temperature at night to do the work (Check out video here).

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