Matthew Slutsky
September 22, 2010

At BuzzBuzzHome we love technology. In fact, we love anything that makes our online viewing experience better and more engaging.

When it comes to viewing real-estate properties online, bettering an online experience is of the utmost importance.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people start their real-estate search online before even contacting an agent? Yup. It is fact. As such, we must continually be striving for providing more information in a clean and digestible manner.

How might a consumer truly commit to a home which they cannot see? How might a developer convey such an intangible vision for which no tangible structure exists?

According to Tim Ng, of ADhoc, in the Ontario Home Builder Magazine:

Model homes are perhaps the most tactile option in showcase capabilities and even now, remain the zenith of design. However, they are much too costly for large endeavours, inherently prone to delay and ultimately limit accessibility for a potential buyer. In the age of computer-generated imagery and digital media, harnessing the resources necessary to provide a virtual tour are no more challenging than recreating the latest video game. It should come as no surprise then, that increasingly developers are looking toward the expertise of visualization firms to better address their business needs.

Digital animation has been around for years, but it has finally matured to the point where it’s cost-effective for builders to use it. Whether utilized to underscore the grandiosity of a high-rise or the simplicity of a low-rise project, virtual tours represent an aesthetically dynamic means to complement model suites, showcase communities, display streetscapes and amenities, or feature dedicated greenspaces and ponds. Three-dimensional virtual tours allow a buyer to view their home and the community as if it were built.

Enabling a buyer timely and comprehensive access to the information they desire inevitably accelerates the sales process. For developers, such 3D manipulation is allowing for an unprecedented amount of flexibility without running the risk of breaking the bank. Remarkably, technology has come down in price and it can be widely used on every single development project. It is infusing excitement into the sales experience as well as providing developers and sales representatives with a larger window of opportunity to engage their clients at their sales centres.

Virtual tours are also ushering in a new movement of digital display whose popularity is spreading through various platforms. We’re at the developing stages of creating real 3D content with our virtual tours where the images would pop off the screen. These would be similar to theatre-calibre 3D films like Avatar.

And, the best part about these 3D renderings is that they can be viewed from a website, a mobile device, and shared on social-media outlets. Heck, you can even QR Code link to one

So cool. So exciting! Did you know that builders can now upload their 3D renderings to BuzzBuzzHome? Check out this video on the Bisha Hotel and Residence.

Also, check out this amazing one below from ADhoc on Riverside Village.

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