August 18, 2010

When A Casa do Panedo (House of Stone) was built in 1974 it wasn’t intended to be an homage to everyone’s favourite Stone Age family, the Flintstones, but this house in Portugal certainly looks like something you’d find in the town of Bedrock.

The House of Stone was built between four large boulders and while it’s in the middle of the Fafe mountains region of northern Portugal, it’s not lacking in amenities which include a fireplace and a swimming pool carved out of stone.

The interior is as impressive as the exterior, featuring stone furniture and stairs as well as a railing made out of logs.

Let’s hope the current owner, Vitor Rodrigues, never plans on moving. I’d hate to be the mover who has to lift the 350 pound stone sofa.

As one would expect, the house has become a tourist destination but because of the media attention, it has also received some unwanted vistors. Rodrigues has installed bullet proof glass and a steel door to deter burglars (just like in the TV show!).

If you’re in Portugal, this is definitely something worth checking out, whether you’re an architecture fanatic or a die-hard Flintstones fan. Just don’t expect to be greeted by Dino or Wilma at the door.

Not going to be traveling anytime soon? Check out this video tour of the house:

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