August 17, 2010

Chances are if you’ve hired movers more than once in Ontario, you’ve experienced the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Dan Hopkins, chief operating officer of Two Men and a Truck Canada, wants to eliminate the bad and the ugly experiences through the introduction of the moving customer’s bill of rights.

While it may not be as lengthy as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the American Bill of Rights, Two Men and a Truck’s own version contains some basic provisions that will vastly improve the client-mover relationship.

With nearly one in four professional moves resulting in a customer complaint in 2009, it’s hard to imagine that relationship being any worse.

Hopkins explains that this poor relationship is caused by shady moving companies who are eager to take advantage of clients.

“They’ll have you sign a contract and give you an estimate and then once all your belongings are locked in the back of their truck, they’ll double or triple the estimate and effectively hold your belongings hostage until you pay them,” he says.

“It’s bad for our business and it’s bad for the industry as a whole, that’s why it’s so important to have this bill of rights to better inform clients as to what they should expect from a moving company.”

Two Men and a Truck COO, Dan Hopkins

Some provisions included in the bill are details about equipment safety, worker safety, accurate estimates, accurate pricing in advertising and insurance.

The bill is presented to clients when they are getting their estimates but Hopkins also wants to take it viral. The provisions are available on their website and the company is hoping other reputable moving firms will adopt a similar set of standards and guarantees to customers.

“No matter how intelligent you are, no matter how experienced you are, there’s still a risk of being defrauded by a company that wants to scam you,” says Hopkins.

“This bill will inform clients of what to keep in mind and what to look out for when they’re moving.”

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