Matthew Slutsky
August 17, 2010

Condos are constantly being marketed with fluff “lifestyle” shots and images, opposed to really engaging the interests and needs of the purchaser.

Levi’s has recently launched a new line of jeans, called the CURVE ID, that real-estate marketers could learn a thing or two from.

The new Levi’s line features three different cuts designed to allow women to ‘find jeans that fit us instead of having to fit into the jeans’. Exactly! Why don’t real estate marketers show purchasers that they have specific units that appeal directly to their needs.

According to AdWeek:

“Levi’s global survey found that more than half of women, 54 percent, try on at least 10 pairs of jeans to find one pair they would buy; most women, 87 percent, wish they could find jeans that fit better than the ones they own; most women, 67 percent, believe that jeans are designed for women with “ideal” figures; and few women, 28 percent, believe that jeans are designed to fit their bodies.”

The campaign leads with the bold statement that ‘all asses were not created equal’. Amazing.

I imagine a series of real-estate adverts with different layouts, indicating why each suite will appeal to certain purchasers. But, I am not a marketer, so there is probably a much better way to achieve this effect!

Check out the advert below:

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