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August 21st, 2010

For the past 6 weeks or so the ‘Name Our Condo’ contest has taken over Toronto.

Since it’s launch it has been all over print media, online, radio and TV. It’s been a huge success with over 3,000 names entered for Cityzen‘s new project at Yonge and The Esplanade and has created huge buzz in the industry.

August 21 is the contest’s last day and the winning name will be announced at the main stage of Buskerfest this Thursday at 12PM.

The site will be closed for voting at 11:59PM and then the Top 10 names will be deliberated on by a panel of judges, one of whom is BuzzBuzzHome President and all round great guy Matthew Slutsky!

The whole BuzzBuzzHome team has really enjoyed following this contest and even though the names that certain staffers entered are nowhere near the Top 10, it was still fun!

We thought that the announcement next Thursday would signal the end of the contest, but we just got off the phone with Cityzen and were told to hold back on saying our goodbyes.

We don’t have much information as we were told there would be another big announcement very soon, but what we do know is this:

To continue the massive success of the contest, Cityzen will be holding a new competition based around the project, and we were told that there will be up to $250,000 up for grabs. No, that’s NOT a typo.

Well, that certainly piqued OUR interest!

There’s a few things we can’t wait for –

1. Finding out what this new giveaway is going to be.
2. How can we get our hands on some of the cash!
3. Finally being able to refer to the project by a proper name, and not ‘contest’, ‘site’ or project’ anymore!

So watch this space! We’ll have updates on what’s going on very soon and will let you know as soon as we do!

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