August 25, 2010

Anyone who is currently living in or has lived in a shoebox sized apartment needs to see this! Your right to complain about not having enough space has been officially revoked.

Inspired by the lean, space saving designs of buildings in Japan and Sweden, Steve Sauer, a Seattle-based Boeing engineer, spent 7 years turning his 182 square foot apartment into something to marvel at.

Seems like all that work has paid off.

On the three levels of this tiny dwelling, Sauer has room for two beds, closet space, a kitchen with a dishwasher, a 37” TV, a bathroom with a shower and a cafe area. He can even cram up to ten guests in his place for parties.

To find the perfect components for his ultra-efficient digs, Sauer spent hours upon hours searching the internet for everything from faucets and bathtubs to lamps and beds.

“Everything in here represents between 10 and 100 hours of Internet searching,” he told the Seattle Times.

Are you inspired by Steve’s do-it-yourself ethic? Do you think you could fix up your small apartment to be just as functional and efficient?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but Mr. Sauer does possess an engineering degree and a master’s in whole systems design. I’m thinking maybe this type of endeavour is best left to the professionals.

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